Does the Bank support trading with leverage (margin)?
LPB Bank offers margin trading transactions wherever these are supported by the relevant exchange or counterparty. However, because trading with leverage carries increased risks, this service is only available to experienced clients*
Does the Bank enable the opening of short positions?
LPB Bank will open short positions if supported by the relevant exchange or counterparty. However, because short positions carry increased risk, this service is only available to experienced clients*
How can I transfer or withdraw money to/from my monetary FI account?
You can make transfers to your monetary financial instrument account from your current account with LPB Bank. Request a transfer in the Internet Bank or from your account operator. Funds from a monetary FI account may only be transferred to a current account with LPB Bank
Are different accounts required for trading stocks and futures?
Trading in all financial instruments is supported on a unified account
How can I perform trades?
LPB Bank offers trading via trader workstations (DMA) or over the phone (Classic Brokerage)
For some financial instruments, transactions are settled several days after the transaction is concluded (T+2). May I transfer funds on settlement date?
No. The funds must be available on your monetary FI account at the time of concluding a transaction
Can brokers of the Bank trade financial instruments on my behalf at their own discretion?
No. Brokers of the Bank conduct transactions solely upon the client’s assignment
Can I lose more than my initial investment by trading financial instruments?
Yes. Any trading in margin FIs, and any leveraged trading, has a high degree of inherent risk. As a result of price fluctuations in financial instruments, your losses could exceed the amount initially invested
Does the Bank provide consultations on buying or selling specific financial instruments?
No. All decisions related to trading financial instruments are made by the client themselves. The Bank does not provide any consultations or advice pertaining on particular financial instruments

*The Bank assesses the client’s experience by reviewing the questionnaire that the client fills out before opening a financial instrument account