S. Siņakovičs: Cooperation is always a good idea

Increasing digitalization and technological development have indeed changed the financial industry. Fintech companies play a significant role in this process, creating new and innovative products and services that are being adopted by an increasingly wide circle of customers. Cooperation between banks and fintech companies can create win-win situations for all the parties involved. “However, for [

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Artificial Intelligence in Service of Banks: The Experience of LPB Bank

After the successful launch of the Chat GPT 4.0 chatbot by OpenAI at the beginning of 2023, many businesses started testing the tools provided by artificial intelligence and the areas of their application. Artificial intelligence is an excellent assistant but not a full-fledged employee, and it is unlikely to become one, according to Anton Baltin, […]

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Financial expert: the economy is accustomed to money printing.

“May you live in interesting times.” This phrase is usually attributed to Confucius, but we will never know whether he said it. However, we have learned what it is like to live in times of change when humanity experiences one unprecedented crisis after another brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine instigated by […]

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Being a small bank is a big advantage

“In the morning, I have an idea. During the day, we discuss it with colleagues, and we can start implementing it the next day. Every day I go home satisfied because I know I’m working for results.” Only a few executives can afford the luxury of such flexibility and efficiency. But for Robert Schoepf, Chairman […]

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What are Segregated bank accounts, and who needs them?

Segregated bank accounts are helpful for all manner of businesses, but particularly those bound by strict regulations, such as investment funds, insurance companies, brokers and payment service providers – in other words, modern FinTech players. A payment institution cannot secure a financial service provider’s license without maintaining segregated accounts. How does it work?  Imagine a [&h

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Challenges in E-commerce: the battle for conversion

At the end of the day, every entrepreneur wants to see how much profit they’ve made. In the world of e-commerce, nothing beats conversion when the client acts on your marketing appeal – unless a visitor buys something, is there any point in carrying on? At a time when the cost per attracted buyer keeps […]

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LBP Bank mission is to provide a one-stop service to FinTech

LPB Bank stands out against the background of the banks of the Baltic banking market with its financial and technological solutions, which are already successfully used by fintech companies, and the constant development of the technologies. The bank’s mission is to provide a full range of services to companies in the fintech industry soon, notes […]

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From adaptation to transformation and empathy. What’s new in personnel management?

You may have heard this question – what do those people in Human Resources do? Some erroneously believe they only hire and fire staff, adjusting compensation from time to time. HR management is an organisation’s essential driver and change agent, tasked with corporate culture, employee well-being and growth. Here to talk about key trends in […]

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LPB Bank: the FinTech industry in Latvia has great potential but requires decisive action

The FinTech industry in Latvia has enormous opportunities lying ahead – this was one of the insights at a recent forum held by the Financial and Capital Markets Commission (FCMC) and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), with LPB Bank as one of the participants Staņislavs Siņakovičs, Head of Sales and Regional Development […]

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How to enter a new market faster as a FinTech company

By now, most of us are tired of reading about how many industries have been wiped out or troubled by the pandemic. However, some sectors have since rebounded and are even displaying growth. In FinTech, 2021 was a record year for investments – 132 billion dollars across the board, according to marketing analytics firm CB […]

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LPB Bank provides a full range of services to FinTech

LPB Bank has established the necessary infrastructure to provide a one-stop service to fintech companies. The bank has sufficient experience to help businesses launch smoothly and quickly while complying with the applicable legal and financial requirements and conditions. In the wake of the Covid‑19 pandemic, the fintech industry has grown significantly, boosting demand for relevant […]

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A Bank geared toward sustainable development

The global trend of decarbonisation, implementation of eco-friendly standards in production and corporate social responsibility is leading us to the realisation that market players that disregard these factors will present an excessive risk for the environment and for the financial sector in general if it fails to adjust. Sustainable development is gradually becoming part of LPB Bank […]

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Banks will remain in business

Sandis Kapitonovs, Head of LPB Bank Treasury Department What global developments have affected banking this year, and how do you think next year’s events might unfold? The primary aspect affecting everyone, not just banks, is inflation. Everyone’s inflation expectations have consistently come true. You can see it in the rising costs of resources and construction […]

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LPB Bank: your one-stop Bank for FinTech fundamentals

Over the past year and a half, online sales saw a sharp increase, and the role played by banks became even more important. Businesses need banks that can offer a full range of services, from safekeeping of their funds to secure online transfers on the internet. The right choice of Bank means a lot. It […]

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Treating clients with empathy in the face of changes

The pandemic has driven major changes in people’s habits and has set limits on what they can do, but the need for banking has not only endured, it has actually increased in certain niches. The new reality imposed by the virus dictates the expansion of the entire playing field for e-merchants, and we can deliver […]

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Transaction quality: an essential component of an e-commerce success story

“E‑commerce is developing constantly. Whenever a potential client asks why they should choose our Bank, I explain to them that our greatest strength is technical flexibility. People nowadays are very picky, they always think about where, and how, they should spend their time. I believe that a Bank’s willingness to support a client’s solutions with […]

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