You are not born an outstanding specialist,
you become one!

Loyalty is the highest value of an employment relationship. Favourable microclimate at the Bank is of great importance: 48% of staff have been working with us for more than 5 years. We are a strong, united team of more than 230 professionals

Agija Freiberga
Head of the Human Resources Department


LPB Bank
internal trends

Female – 62%
Male – 38%
Work experience
0 – 5 years (52%)
5 – 12 years (41%)
>12 years (7%)

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We hereby inform you that by submitting an application for a vacancy, the Bank has the right to verify your compliance with position in accordance with Section 34.5 of the Law on Credit Institutions and for working in the NILLTPFN field in accordance with the Section 10.1 of the NILLTPFN Law