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Deputy Chairman of the Council
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The Board

Chairman of the Board
Robert Schoepf was elected chairman of the board at LPB Bank in October 2019.

He manages and supervises the following matters: general operational organisation, organisation and planning of board activities, drafting of the Bank Development Strategy, monitoring of project implementation processes, capital adequacy monitoring, organisation and oversight of the bank’s financial plans and budgeting, lending management and controls, marketing and communication, resource management, investment services and ancillary services, the bank’s security service and technical means of security.

Robert acquired vast banking experience abroad, having served with German market leaders Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank. Before joining the LPB Bank team, he was a member of the board at AS “PrivatBank”.

In 2013, Schoepf became a top-level representative of Commerzbank in the Baltics.

His professional career began in an auditing role at Deutsche Bank auditors. He eventually moved to Deutsche Bank’s headquarters in Frankfurt, where he spent a number of years managing audit groups across the Deutsche Bank branches and subsidiaries abroad as well as locally.

Robert Schoepf received his degree in banking from the Institute for Finance & Banking in Munich in 1986.
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Antons has been a Deputy Chairman of LPB Bank Board since September 2022. Before his appointment as the Deputy Chairman of the Board, Antons served as the Member of the Board.

He supervises the development of e-commerce services, cooperation with FinTech businesses and startups, business development, client service, and the management and monitoring of payment card issuance.

Antons has been with LPB Bank for over 14 years, having served in several positions. As a testament to his professional excellence, he has taken the entire journey from senior client service specialist to Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Antons graduated from the Baltic Russian Institute, majoring in law.
Member of the Board, CAMS
Alda Odina has been a Member of the Board at LPB Bank since July 2022. She supervises the area of AML/CTPF organisation and monitoring.

Before her appointment to the Board of the Bank, Alda worked in leading positions in the Reģionālā investīciju banka and Swedbank – in the area of prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing, compliance control, as well as in the sales management area.

Continuously improving her expertise, in 2016, A. Odina received the CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) certificate.

Alda Odina obtained higher education in the University of Latvia: the Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2001 and the Master’s Degree in European studies in 2007.
Member of the Board, CAMS
Baiba Preise has been a Member of the Board at LPB Bank since 2019.

On 13 July 2022, Baiba Preise has been appointed the Chief Risk Officer of LPB Bank. Before her appointment to the Board of the Bank, Baiba served as the head of the Risk Monitoring Department for nine years.

Aspects of LPB Bank activities under her supervision: risk management and control, participation in the development of the bank’s development strategy, represent of the bank in interactions with the FCMC (including everyday contacts and audit coordination) and other institutions.

In 2017, Baiba received her CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) certificate, in 2021 CGSS (Certified Global Sanctions Specialist) and in 2022 CAMS-RM.

She continues to expand on her knowledge and regularly participates in a variety of international conferences.

Before joining LPB Bank, Baiba Preise had worked for DnB Banka and the Financial and Capital Markets Commission.

She holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Turība University.
Member of the Board
Jurijs has served on the board of LPB Bank since 2014.

Areas he supervises include the bank’s IT security, matters of maintenance, accounting and transaction recording, and the establishment of correspondent.

Jurijs has amassed over 33 years of IT experience.

Before his employment with LPB Bank, he served as member of the board at SIA “Obers”, SIA “Softkoms” and AS “Norvik Banka”.

Jurijs Svirčenkovs received his master’s degree from the Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute.