Attention! How not to get caught on fake e-mails on behalf of LPB Bank

We draw your attention to the fact that financial fraudsters have become active and, among other things, use the name of LPB Bank in committing their crimes.

LPB Bank clients may receive fake (phishing) e-mails stating that access to the Internet bank is restricted due to outdated personal data. These e-mails contain a link to a website where you can enter personal information.

LPB Bank warns that scammers create fake e-mails and the website; please be careful and do not get caught!
Here are just a few examples of scams:

We remind you that the Bank never calls or sends e-mails to clients asking them to disclose private data and does not ask them to log in to the Internet bank, confirm payments and perform other similar actions.

In case of uncertainty, please call the Customer Service Centre (67772999) and make sure that the activity is related to the actions of LPB Bank.

Yours LPB Bank