Changes in LPB Bank Price list

We hereby inform you that from May 1st of 2021 changes in the Price list “Current account” for Legal entities (Domestic) will come into force: 

1.  Account opening, service and maintenance
1.6.    Minimum Account balance 15 EUR

Please be informed that from July 1st of 2021 changes and clarifications in Price list “Current account” for Private individuals (Domestic) will come into force: 

1.  Account opening, service and maintenance
1.1.   Current Account or Payment card Account opening10 EUR
1.5.   Current Account service (monthly)*2 EUR
5.1.   The reference with confirmation of existence of the Account and/or on a balance on the Account 10 EUR
11.1.  Adoption of law enforcement orders for enforcement, amendment or cancelation10 EUR

*The commission is not charged if the client has an active deposit, loan, financial instrument account or agreement on servicing an individual safe deposit box, as well as for the first full calendar month after closing the financial instruments account or termination of the last deposit agreement, credit agreement or agreement on servicing individual safes deposit box.

Yours LPB Bank