Client service at LPB Bank

LPB Bank continues face-to-face service by appointment only. A face-to-face visit to the Bank will be available for clients who have a valid certificate confirming an entire course of vaccination or the fact of previous COVID-19 disease. The client needs to present the certificate along with identity documents before visiting the Bank. In turn, if the client does not have the certificate mentioned above, he has the opportunity to visit the Bank with a PCR test made no earlier than 72 hours before the visit to the Bank. Such procedures are established following the government’s decisions on declaring a state of emergency in the country and procedures for complying with epidemiological requirements to reduce the risks of COVID-19 disease.

To minimize the risks of illness both among the Bank’s employees and among the clients themselves, the Bank encourages clients to make maximum use of remote service channels, for example, Internet bank, consultations by phone or e-mail. In some exceptional cases, for instance, in an emergency, when the client has no other choice but to deal with his situation during a face-to-face visit, it will be possible to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Such meeting neet to be previously agreed with a manager and observing all epidemiological safety requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact LPB Bank by phone (+371) 67772999 or by e-mail [email protected]