LPB Bank – 12 years

September 5th – the birthday of the Bank.

For 12 years LPB Bank has been holding a stable position in the world of finance and technology. The Bank is ambitious, reliable and constantly developing to strengthen its reputation and to be the best financial partner from year to year!

“Operating in an ever-changing world, LPB Bank strives to be one step ahead. It is the work of a large team of more than 220 employees, where professionalism and unity have always been and remain a guarantee of LPB stability. Every year the Bank improves clients experience and offers more and more technological solutions.  We work to make our clients’ financial lives successful, safe and simple! ”- Robert Christian Schoepf, Chairman of the Board of LPB Bank.

We express gratitude to our employees, clients, partners and shareholders for the successful cooperation – by joint efforts we will achieve visible results, become better, more dynamic and innovative!