LPB Bank is supporting the CCUH

LPB Bank is supporting the development of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital by donating funds for the purchase of mobile nursing workstations. The hospital will get two mobile nursing workstations which will make it easier to facilitate the provision of medical procedures near hospital beds of young patients.

Following a tradition started five years ago, this year LPB Bank continued its cooperation with the Children’s Hospital Foundation, supporting the development of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. To improve childcare quality, nursing workstations were needed in hospital operating rooms and wake-up rooms to make it easier to perform medical procedures near hospital beds with young patients. Performing anesthesia procedure for children, whether it is a newly born child or a child, that is already a few years old, is a responsible process. To make it as safe as possible, as well as to avoid mistakes when searching for the necessary tools, it is important to use the same equipment in the places where anesthesia is performed. For this purpose, easily moveable, disinfected and spacious tables or so-called nurse workstations are very important, their technical properties are very convenient and indispensable in the busy rhythm of the hospital. All workstation devices and components are within easy reach and allow to work comfortably, focusing on working with a small patient.

The issue of medical equipment in the healthcare system has always been and remains important. Unfortunately, the state funds are not always enough to buy all the necessary equipment, so we are very pleased to provide support to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. We urge to look into the future responsibly and, as far as possible, support those who need help and attention,” emphasizes Robert Christian Schoepf, Chairman of the Management Board of LPB Bank.

It is very important that the Children’s Hospital has friends we can rely on and who have been supporting us for many years. Thanks to LPB Bank donations, we were able to significantly improve the quality of treatment at the hospital by purchasing various equipment. Also, a new purchase – mobile nursing workstations – are an important support not only for nurses, but also a valuable contribution to the development of the Children’s Hospital. Many thanks to LPB Bank for the work we have accomplished together in five years!”, Liene Dambina, head of the Children’s Hospital Foundation, expressed her gratitude.