Art exhibition „ma(i)cro”

The art exhibition „ma(i)cro”, organized by art platform ArtAlea, takes place at the Bank from May 25th to June 27th of this year.

We are pleased to announce the second art exhibition at our Bank hosted in cooperation with an art platform ArtAlea.

The exhibition will feature recent works of artists Edmunds Lucis and Justine Luce. The central theme of the art pieces is the individual as a personality and the surrounding environment that influences the existence and development. An individual lives in a society and struggles with his own inner world as well as with the mechanisms of social structures of the world around him.

While works of Edmunds Lucis can be described as filled with anxiety, strength, struggle and philosophical experiments therefore fragility, poetry and calmness are noticeable in Justine’s art works.

You can find out more about the artists and their works at

Everyone is welcome to visit the art exhibition from May 25th to June 27th of this year at the Latvijas pasta banka, 1st floor, Brivibas street 54, Riga, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.