Loan to Forma Pro Films company

LPB Bank has granted a loan for business development to SIA “Forma Pro Films”, a company engaged in film production and full-cycle film and TV broadcast development – from screenwriting and cost estimates to post-production and sales organisation for both film and television. The Bank supported the company and financed its assets.

SIA “Forma Pro Films” has amassed formidable experience on developing films to order, from ideas to research, screenplay writing and filming. Recent works by the company is Warhunt, a supernatural thriller starring Mickey Rourke and Robert Knepper, as well as drama The good neighbour, in which the main role is played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Notes SIA “Forma Pro Films” producer and CEO Igors Proņins: “Thanks to the financing provided by LPB Bank, we are able to expand our operational activities. I am proud to add that, despite the challenges and restrictions due to COVID-19, we have been working on projects involving foreign specialists, and they have not stopped over the past year, largely thanks to the support of LPB Bank.

Staņislavs Orleans, Senior Project Manager at LPB Bank’s Lending Department: “Working with non-standard projects is usually a challenge, but once everything is up and running, they bring great satisfaction. I am happy to assist a customer that has success in its field and is recognised beyond the domestic market. The company is also drafting a “development” service package – headhunting for director, producers, actors and investors to bring an idea closer to reality.

Yours LPB Bank