Key2LPB mobile application is now available for legal entities

Since introducing the new Key2LPB mobile application, clients have appreciated the ability to manage their finances intuitively and on the go.

However, the best can constantly be improved; excellence is a process, not an endpoint. Every day, our specialists receive feedback on the application’s operation and functionality, listening to customer needs and analyzing the possibilities to implement them swiftly.

We are delighted to inform you that we have expanded the Key2LPB app with additional functionality, making it available for legal entities as well.

With Key2LPB, you can:

  • Authenticate in online banking using a PIN code or biometric data;
  • Monitor your account, review transactions, and reserved amounts;
  • Approve payments up to 15,000 EUR per month;
  • Confirm documents and applications addressed to the bank;
  • Operate in online mode.

Using Key2LPB, your collaboration with LPB Bank will become even safer, more convenient, faster, and more straightforward. Regardless of where you are, with Key2LPB, you can conduct transactions in the LPB Bank Internet bank 24/7.

For feedback and suggestions, please send to [email protected].