LPB Bank Provides Essential Support to CCUH

LPB Bank is supporting the development of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital (CCUH) by donating towards the purchase of a wheelchair and a procedure lamp.

In continuation of a six-year tradition, LPB Bank is working with the Children’s Hospital Foundation (CHF) to improve the quality of services that the Children’s Hospital provides.

CCUH has many children patients who often need help getting around the hospital for treatment and diagnosis, which makes wheelchairs extremely important for quality care. Procedure lamps are required for various manipulations in the neonatal intensive care units, enabling the work that medics do for infants on a daily basis.

Liene Dambiņa, chairwoman of the Board at CHF:

The hospital treats children from all over Latvia with many different diseases, often in grave condition, and it is essential for us to consider the needs of each child and to provide them with the best care we can offer. There are things that contribute to an underage patient’s well-being and make their stay at the hospital more comfortable, and then there is medical equipment that helps medics do their job and treat every child to the best of their abilities. Thanks to this donation from LPB Bank, we have been able to acquire a special wheelchair to help children move around the hospital compound, and a procedure lamp for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which will have a direct impact on the health of our youngest, most vulnerable patients. These two items will serve a very special mission – contributing to the quality of life of many unfortunate children, and bringing joy to the eyes of everyone who cares about their health.

We urge you to look into the future responsibly and, as far as possible, support those who need help and attention! www.bsf.lv

Yours LPB Bank