LPB Bank joins the moratorium

We would like to inform you that LPB Bank has joined the moratorium for Private individuals initiated by the Finance Latvia Association, giving the opportunity to delay mortgage principal payments for up to 12 months but leasing and consumer loan principal payments – for up to 6 months.

According to the moratorium, LPB Clients (Private individuals) will be able to receive a principal payment delay if:

  • the loan was issued before the moratorium was declared;
  • the Client had no significant payment delays (more than 30 days) and did obligations in the last 12 months (before March 12th of 2020);
  • the Client has not informed the Bank about intentions not to fulfill obligations of the loan agreement;
  • the Client has not been declared insolvent before March 12th of 2020, or at the time of deferral;
  • the Client has indicated reasons associated with the state of emergency, which are the cause of the deterioration of the financial situation (loss of employment, loss of income or other).

You can find more information about the moratorium rules here: https://www.financelatvia.eu/moratorijs/

For further information please contact Bank via e-mail or by phone + 371 6 715 1 802.